Maison & Objet 2017

26 Jan

Some highlights from our recent trip to Paris, for the annual Maison & Object international design show. 


Embroidered cushion treasures

03 Dec

Interiors which truly inspire are the spaces filled with our life stories and the items which bring us joy- chosen for their meaning and history or simply because they lift our hearts when we look at them. The photographs of the people and places we love, inherited family furniture or pictures, books or little keepsakes kept from childhood- all these things make a place our own and truly make a home.


Why choose a Hand Knotted Rug?

01 Dec

In this fast-paced world of the transient and the disposable, it’s good to find some things so special that they are worth waiting for and will stand the test of time. It takes our craftsmen many months to produce a single rug- using only traditional methods, it just can’t be rushed and the result is a hand-knotted rug very different from its high street imitators in so many ways: colour; design; texture; durability; materials and pattern.


Niki Jones Lampshades /

27 Oct

We are excited to announce the launch of another new collaboration with, this time lampshades.