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  • Provenance

    Is of the upmost importance to our collection. Using age old techniques and manufacturing them in their authentic form and place of origination, is at the heart of what we do. We achieve this by combining ancient craft with creativity and a unique sensibility to colour and materials.

    Our collection embraces the best of skilled craft, whether it is hand crewel embroidery from Kashmir in Northern India, hand knotted rugs from Nepal or our soft woven merino collection made in Scotland. We seek out the best in heritage and artisanship, endeavoring to re-interpret these traditional skills to ensure their survival for future generations.

  • Crewel Embroidery

    Perhaps the most celebrated of traditional Kashmiri handicrafts is embroidery. Crewel work is a traditional hand embroidery technique that originates in this area of Northern India. Working by hand, and using a crewel hook, our artisans work together stitching the wool in intricate chain stitch, transforming the cotton or linen fabric into a swirling textured pattern. Kashmiris are known as master embroidery artisans.

    Their skills have been passed from generation to generation over many centuries and continues to create much skilled employment for the area. Learn more

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  • Hand Knotted Rugs

    Our hand knotted rug collection is made in Nepal. The traditional making process has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We weave in the traditional Tibetan knot style which was imported into Nepal by refugees during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising. The quality and craftsmanship invested in each rug creates pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms.

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  • Woven in Scotland

    Our Isosceles Collection is woven in Scotland by a family owned mill that was established in 1797. Situated on the banks of the river Lossie in the highlands of Scotland, they have been expertly producing fine woollen products for two centuries. They are a fully vertical mill which means that they produce fabric from its raw material through to a finished product with all processes carried out in-house.

    This ensures the quality and consistency of their manufacturing. We take great pride in working with a manufacturer with such an enduring history to create our contemporary collection of Merino wool products and as a Scottish based company we wish to support manufacturing in Scotland.

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