Bespoke Rugs

Some spaces require something truly unique. If you don't find the exact colour, design, shape or size that you are looking for, then our Bespoke Service is for you. The Bespoke service allows you to adapt existing design or to create something entirely new and one of a kind. Creating your own rug opens up endless possibilities.

These can vary from altering the shape and size of an existing design, changing the scale of a motif, weaving an existing pattern in a different quality or colour. We can make your rug for a specific space, even a stair or to accommodate a bay window.

We would suggest that in the case of a Bespoke Rug that a sample is woven to check the colours and design. We would provide a 50x50cm sample to help you be sure before weaving the full rug. 

There are many different techniques and effects that can be specified. We can weave different pile heights, finer knots to create more intricate patterns, or coarser more shaggy textures. 

Niki is always happy to discuss and advise you with your choice. It takes approximately four months from the time your order is placed to produce your Bespoke rug. 
For more information and quotes please email or telephone 0141 556 2462