Behind the Design of our Unique Rugs Collection

28 Jul
Behind the Design of our Unique Rugs Collection image

The world of rugs is a broad and fascinating topic.  An ancient craft that often tells stories about cultures, tribes and traditions. The spectrum of techniques and qualities is endless, from silk hand-knotted rugs to printed cotton durries. Each has its place with in the spectrum.

Niki Jones specialises in quality woollen rugs, which we offer through our ‘Made to Order’ online service. 

We offer a unique collection of hand knotted, hand tufted and flat weave rugs.

Niki draws inspiration from her discoveries whilst travelling. She combines different cultural references within her designs with a love of craft, natural materials and colour. On her travels she collects materials, patterns and always has her camera and sketchbook to hand. 

‘I am fascinated by the making process and find that when I combine traditional techniques with my fresh perspective, something unique is created.” says Niki.

Working closely with skilled crafts people brings out the best in this creative collaboration, bringing ancient crafts into the present.

When designing a rug, scale, proportion and colour are all key factors. The scale of the design is crucial to consider. As we offer a made to order service, customers can customise their rug dimensions. We re-work and re-draw a design to conserve its proportions, no matter the rug dimensions.

Our online rug custom tool allows you to play with different colour combinations and helps you to visualise the finished piece.

We also offer a rug pompom service to help with your colour matching.

Our hand knotted rug collection is made in Nepal. The traditional making process has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We weave in the traditional Tibetan knot style, which was imported into Nepal by refugees during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising. The quality and craftsmanship invested in each rug creates pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms.

Our unique hand knotted collection. (Geocentric & Seville Rugs)

Our hand-tufted rugs  are made in India. This hand-tufting process follows the shapes with in a design and helps emphasis them. This technique is faster to produce and therefore offers the customer an accessible price point. Our Concentric and Polygon rugs are examples of how this technique can be used to create unique rug designs.

Our unique hand tufted collection. (Harlequin & Concentric Rugs)

Some spaces require something truly unique. If you don't find the exact colour, design, shape or size that you are looking for, then our Bespoke Service is for you. The Bespoke service  allows you to adapt existing design or to create something entirely new and one of a kind. Creating your own rug opens up endless possibilities. 

Niki is always happy to discuss and advise you with your choice. It takes approximately four months from the time your order is placed to produce your Bespoke rug.