Bespoke Rugs by Niki Jones

14 Jan
Bespoke Rugs by Niki Jones image

Some spaces require something truly unique. If you don't find the exact colour, design, shape or size that you are looking for, then our Bespoke Service is for you. This ‘Custom Made Rugs ’ service allows you to adapt existing designs or to create something entirely new and one of a kind. Creating your own rug opens up endless possibilities and can reflect your personal style. 

These can vary from altering the shape and size of an existing design, changing the scale of a motif, weaving an existing pattern in a different quality or colour. We can make your rug for a specific space, even a stair or to accommodate a bay window. We would suggest that in the case of a Bespoke Rug that a sample is woven to check the colours and design.We would provide a 50x50cm sample to help you be sure before weaving the full rug. There are many different techniques and effects that can be specified. We can weave different pile heights, finer knots to create more intricate patterns, or coarser more shaggy textures.

The importance of choosing the right rug for your room can not be underestimated. A good rug can be the foundations for a space and tie all the various elements together. Most rooms require a rug to ground the space and create a warmth and personality. It also helps with the acoustics of an interior.

Before deciding on a rug, you must understand the purpose you wish it to serve in your room scheme. Are you looking for a statement piece to create a focal point or something more neutral or textured to quietly blend with the space. Equally a rug can define spaces within a space and create zones. Always try to choose the largest size rug your budget will allow . Smaller rugs can make for floating elements, whereas generous sized rugs with furniture placed on them helps to ground a room and unify the space.

A rug under a dining table and chairs should be large enough to allow the chairs to be pulled out from the table without the back legs falling off the rug. The minimum that you should allow for this is approximately 75-80cm each side of the table. Think about which area of the rug will be most visible in this case and design your rug accordingly.

In a bedroom the rug should ideally be placed under the bed and carry beyond the bedside tables. This grounds the furniture and also allows for the soft rug underfoot when rising from bed. What ever your requirements we can create it for you. Our ‘Niki Jones Rugs’ are made entirely by hand, using the finest New Zealand wool, by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down for generations. We have pompom sample boxes & rug swatches to enable you to make your decision. It takes approximately 4 months from the time your order is placed to produce your Bespoke rug.