Our Quilted Velvet Throw Brings Soft & Natural Texture

12 Jan
Our Quilted Velvet Throw Brings Soft & Natural Texture  image

Velvet is a dense fabric of silk or cotton pile. It is woven as double cloth and made up of one set of weft threads and two sets of warp threads. These two warp threads are woven as two pieces of cloth at the same time on a special loom. Blades cut the cloth into two pieces of cloth along the warp. As the two pieces are separated they are rolled out separately. This is called pile cloth. The ends of threads in this pile cloth stick up and form a soft pile.

There are many theories as to where Velvet originated from. But most people agree that it originated somewhere in the far east. Was carried along the legendary Silk route by Arabs to Europe. Velvet reached Italy and made fortunes for the cities of Lucca, Sicily and Florence as they had the largest production of velvet from the 12th - 18th century. They supplied  to the rest of Europe. Velvet was used in everything rich, from horse carriages to furniture, clothes, upholstery, drapes and  even wall coverings.Cut silk velvet has a wonderful sheen and depth of colour, and the appearance changes as it drapes and folds and the light reflects off the various angles and direction of the pile.

Our Velvet Linen Throw

The luxurious quality of the cotton velvet fabric on our Velvet Linen throws and bedspreads, is contrasted with a natural un-dyed linen on the reverse. The contrast of the two fabrics emphasises the individual fabric qualities and is further enhanced by the hand quilting. The quilting adds texture and shows the fabrics characteristics off to the most.

Our velvet quilt is available in two sizes. The throw size is 140x220cm and works as a full cover for a single bed or a decorative throw for a double or king size bed and the bedspread size is 230x260cm and is suitable as a full bedspread for a double or king size bed.

Caring for your Quilted Velvet Throw

Generally washing velvet is a difficult task. It cannot be washed like normal fabric. It has to be dry cleaned. If you get small stains,gently remove the stains with a damp cloth. Wet the cloth in warm water and rub on that stains gently. Don’t rub the cloth too hard as it may damage the cloth pile. Then dab the fabric until it is dry. Repeat the process until the stain is removed. If the stain is large it is better to get it dry cleaned.