Designer Cushions for the discerning home owner

03 Dec
Designer Cushions for the discerning home owner image

When adding the finishing touches to your home, it is important to reflect your own personal sense of style. Your home is a reflection of your personality. Buying from a designer brand gives you a more individual choice, showing your own distinctive style.

The quality of our designer cushion collection can be seen in the materials, techniques and attention to design consideration and details.

Provenance is of the upmost importance to our cushion collection. Using age old techniques and manufacturing them in their authentic form and place of origination, is at the heart of what we do.

Our cushion collection embraces a variety of traditional crafts and manufacturing techniques to create a unique and special collection.

The Isosceles collection is woven by a 200 year old mill in Scotland. Woven on a jacquard loom in 100% Merino wool, each cushion panel is individually woven allowing the face and reverse panel patterns to match perfectly along the side seams. These cushions also have coordinating throws.

Our crewel embroidered designer cushions are hand embroidered in Kashmir, Northern India, by skilled craftsmen. This textural chain stitch embroidery is an ancient craft, first brought to this region by the Persians. Its form is usually traditional flora and fauna embroidered onto wool pashmina shawls. Our designs take this traditional technique and combine it with a modern sensibility, breathing new life into this traditional craft.The Harlequin Linen cushions have a 100% natural linen base cloth with triangular shapes embroidered in textural crewel embroidery. The detailed embroidery is carried onto the reverse of each cushion, emphasising our attention to the detail of each cushion design.

Our range of embroidered Concentric cushions are framed with hand made pompoms. Each pompom is individually made and stitched into the side seam of the cushion cover, ensuring they are firmly attached. These circular cushions are a striking addition to any interior and act as a great focal point in any room scheme. 

Our collection of motifs have their origins in ancient geometrical motifs, re-interpreted with in a contemporary context. The proportions, colour combinations and interpretations of traditional crafts gives this collection a unique and instantly recognisable signature.

Colour is a key component of our cushion collection. Our palette is influenced by interior colour trends, edited to give it our own distinctive style. Our cushion collection palette is designed to allow the different motifs to be interchangeable.  

This palette of golds, greys, teals and natural linen are complimented with highlights of lavender, chartreuse and indigo.

Each cushion is filled with a quality, densely filled feather pad, giving all our cushions a plump and generous feel. 

Our designer cushion collection is elevated from standard high street products by taking great care and attention to the design process, details, quality, finishing and colour. Making each cushion a work of art.

Buying a ‘Niki Jones’ designer cushion is an investment piece for your home. They enhance your interior and add an individual and unique element to your interior.