Embroidered Cushions are treasures for your home

27 Oct
Embroidered Cushions are treasures for your home image

A well-chosen cushion can transform an interior and pull together all the elements of a room scheme. Think of cushions as the handbags and shoes of the interior world.

They can singularly carry the theme or colour palette of an interior and are the key element of a room.

Our cushion collection combines different cultural references with a focus on traditional techniques, natural materials and a unique colour sense. The collection has a distinctive style which is synonymous with quality and creativity.

Selecting the right embroidered cushions

Our embroidered cushion covers are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials.

Velvet, cotton, linen and merino wool. Embroidered, woven or printed.

Choose from our stunning round Concentric cushions, machine embroidered in cotton or linen, adding a striking geometric statement to any room.

Our tactile and robust collection of hand-embroidered crewel cushions, made in Kashmir, come in a variety of motifs.

The Medina cushion is inspired by traditional Moroccan patterns, the embroidered pattern swirls on top of the linen base cloth, creating an interesting and tactile texture.

The Harlequin Linen cushions have a modern geometric pattern. This striking motif is carried onto the reverse of the cushion with every detail considered. Choose from our sophisticated grey tones or our sophisticated multi-coloured palette.

The abstract collection of LeWitt, Escher and Albers embroidered cushions, are inspired by mid-century art & design, creating timeless pieces with a sense of modernity. Each cushion appears as its own work of art.

The Isosceles cushions are made from 100% Merino wool and are woven in Scotland by a 200 year old mill. We take great pride in working with a manufacturer with such an enduring history.

These cushions have a wonderfully soft texture and handle, adding a little Scandinavian style to our cushion collection.

Solid coloured cushions are equally important to co-ordinate with our patterns. Our Velvet Linen cushions are a great vehicle for colour and are designed to complement our cushion range. Choose from golden chartreuse, rich slate grey, soft oyster grey or deep navy blue.

Styling embroidered cushions for sofa

When styling your cushions think about the shape and style of your furniture. For example a modern minimal style sofa would require smaller cushions to compliment the furniture’s proportions, (e.g. our 45x45cm Isosceles cushions) whereas a more generous lounge sofa could work with larger sized cushions layered up to enhance the comfortable lounging style. (E.g. our 60x 60cm Medina or Polygon cushions)

Select matching cushions for a tailored and coordinated look or mix and match to create a more eclectic style. Our whole cushion collection is designed to be interchangeable. The colour palette allows you to mix the different textures, patterns and shapes.

You can easily update a tired interior with some stylish embroidered cushions for your sofa. It is an affordable way to breathe new life into an interior and immediately refreshes your decor. 

Whatever your requirements you will be sure to find something special to take pride of place in your home.

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