Hand Embroidered Crewel Work

27 Aug
Hand Embroidered Crewel Work image

I recently visited Kashmir where our crewel embroidered products are made. I followed our manufacturing process from beginning to end, starting with the stencilling process to interpret my designs right threw to our finished product. Each stage conducted entirely by hand with great skill and accuracy. Crewel embroidery, also sometimes referred to as chain stitch, was first brought to Kashmir by the Persians and has since become a signature craft of the area.

First our designs are transferred on to tracing paper, then the design is out lined in tiny pin prick sized holes to allow a pigment to pass through and create a stencilled pattern for the embroiderers to follow.

stencilled pattern for the embroiderers

Then our specified colour palette is created at the dye house, hand dyeing hanks of wool yarn.

color dye prepration

The yarns, patterns and fabrics are then distributed through out the communities that embroider and the work begins. Working by hand, and using a crewel hook, our artisans work together stitching the wool in intricate chain stitch, transforming the cotton or linen fabric into a swirling textured pattern. 

crewel embroidery

colorful wool for rugs

Once the embroidered panels are finished and collected from the villages they are taken to a wash house, where they are washed by hand and dried in the warmth of the sun. 

design pattern for embroidery