Embroidered Cushions

17 Mar
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At Niki Jones we specialise in beautiful hand embroidered cushion designs. Traditional craftsmanship combined with our distinctive palette and use of natural materials creates a truly unique and special collection of cushions, perfect to adorn your home. We use two different embroidery techniques across our collection, with each technique employed depending on the design. For example, the fine, crisp detail obtained in our Concentric Cushions is created by machine embroidery in cotton thread. The inimitable, swirling texture of hand crewelwork in wool lends itself beautifully to our Lattice and Harlequin hand embroidered cushion designs amongst many others.

You can see the beautiful texture these different techniques create, which is striking and unique.

harlequin cushion by niki jones

Designer Cushions

Choose from our Berber Collection, which is inspired by traditional Moroccan motifs and vintage embroidery. A fresh interpretation of these classic motifs brings them to the present day.

grey cushion online

We are renowned for our crewelwork cushions. This traditional technique originates from Kashmir, Northern India. We remain true to this tradition and have all of our crewel collection made there by highly skilled craftsmen. Niki works closely with these craftsmen developing her hand embroidered cushion designs, emphasising that ‘it’s all in the detail.’

In breathing new life into this traditional craft, our collections reflect Niki’s extensive travels with a nod to modernity and contemporary design, as well as ensuring their survival for future generations.

hand embroidered cusions

Our iconic Concentric design is seen across our cushion and rug collections. Ancient geometry and mathematical pattern are a constant source of inspiration and it's easy to see the roots of this in our iconic circular Concentric cushion.

In geometry, two or more objects are said to be concentric, coaxial, or coaxial when they share the same centre or axis. The combination of this concept  interlaced with triangles creates a captivating illusionist pattern, which radiates like a sun motif.

crewel Embroidery

This pattern was developed by Niki back in 2010, not long after the brand was first launched, yet it remains a firm favourite and has become a signature of the brand. To create the precision and uniformity required of this decorative optical pattern, we use the technique of machine embroidery on our cushions.

A combination of fill and running stitch in mercerised cotton thread gives each motif its lustrous sheen, which contrasts beautifully with the natural linen or cotton base-cloth. Each cushion is then framed with our handmade cotton pom-poms. Every pom-pom is intricately sewn on by hand as a finishing touch.

circular cushions

As always, the provenance of a technique and a craft is incredibly important to us. We are proud to use traditional techniques from their place of origin to create beautiful pieces for you to treasure at home for generations to come.

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