Hand Knotted Rugs

14 Jul
Hand Knotted Rugs image

Our hand knotted rug collection is made in Nepal, with a traditional manufacturing process that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We weave in the traditional Tibetan knot style which was imported into Nepal by refugees during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising. 

The technique of hand-knotting is an ancient craft, requiring very highly skilled craftsmen. The quality and durability of a hand-knotted rug lasts generations. We only use the finest quality European and New Zealand wools, which are dyed and spun into yarn.

If you look on the reverse of your rug you can clearly see the number of knots per inch which denotes the intricacy of the quality, in contrast to a canvas backing which is used on a hand-tufted rug. We work in different knots per square inch (eg 60 or 100). A more intricate design requires a higher number of knots. This also gives a finer feel to the rug. 

We are proud of the quality and craftsmanship invested into each of our Made to Order Rugs, creating unique pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms. 

For more information about our Made to Order rug service  and to request samples of different hand-knot qualities, please get in touch.

Hand weaven light gray rug