Handmade Papier-Mache Baubles

30 Oct
Handmade Papier-Mache Baubles image

Our beautiful papier-mache Suzani baubles are made by hand in Kashmir. Intricately hand-painted, these unique baubles add originality to a traditional Christmas tree or for a decorative centre piece.

The papier-mache pulp is made from recycled paper and a final lacquer coating creates a glossy finish.

paper pulp

The first step: creating the pulp with recycled paper, water and flour

papier bubbles

Coated in layers of tissue paper

Dried baubles waiting to be sanded; prepared baubles in the foreground ready to be cut and painted.

Papier-Mache Baubles

Baubles being painted by hand

Hand painted Papier Mache Baubles

These lightweight yet robust decorative pieces come as classic round baubles as well as teardrop shapes, and come in their own wooden display box. View the collection here.