Le Bon Marché Pop-Up Shop

02 Sep
Le Bon Marché Pop-Up Shop image

In September we were delighted to be invited to set up shop inside the famous Parisienne department store, Le Bon Marché. Founded as a small shop during 1838, it soon grew and a new building was constructed by Louis-Auguste Boileau in 1869 at 24, rue de Sèvres, where it remains today. Many other architects continued to develop and extend the store over the years, including Gustave Eiffel's firm.

This magnificent building is still renowned for its extensive range of luxury goods and for providing a unique shopping experience, which we were delighted to be part of.

Le Bon Marché Pop-Up Shop

Seville & Harlequin Cushions Niki Jones

Our Lattice, Seville & Harlequin Cushions in Le Bon Marché's catalogue

Parisienne department store, Le Bon Marché

A wonderful view of the staircase structures from inside.