Concentric Letterpress Prints

03 Sep
Concentric Letterpress Prints image

We are delighted to announce the latest arrivals to our collection - Letterpress Prints with our signature Concentric pattern. Traditionally letterpress printed on artists' quality heavyweight 270gsm Colorplan paper, each one is printed by hand in Chartreuse and has a subtle relief effect.

This striking A2 print is available in a limited run of 50 copies - with each one numbered and signed by designer Niki. 

Moveable plates are created and locked in the bed of the press. After inking, the material is pressed against the paper and the ink is transferred from the face of the plate to the sheet. This creates a textural and subtle deboss. This technique is an ancient and beautiful process - so we thought we'd share some of the behind the scenes photos. We are proud to print at a family-owned Letterpress Company in Glasgow, who still uses a traditional proof press from the 1940s.

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