Made to Order Rugs

13 Jan
Made to Order Rugs  image

Our made to order service allows you to customise our unique collection of hand tufted and hand knotted rugs. We have a distinctive palette of colours to choose from and a broad array of sizes to suite any space.

The importance of choosing the right rug for your room cannot be underestimated. A good rug can be the foundations for a space and tie all the various elements together. Our rugs are made entirely by hand, using the finest New Zealand wool, by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down for generations. Any made to order rugs will be re-drawn to maintain the original design integrity on different sizes.

We have pompom sample boxes and rug swatches to enable you to make your decision. It takes approximately 4 months from the time your order is placed to produce your customised rug and we promise you it'll be worth the wait!

We know that choosing the right colour combination for your rug can be challenging. Therefore, we have introduced our pompom sample box of 28 colours to help make your selection easier. Once you have made your colour selection, simply return the sample box and we will fully refund your £60.00 deposit.

Hand-knotted Rugs

Our hand knotted rug collection is made in Nepal. The traditional making process has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We weave in the traditional Tibetan knot style which was imported into Nepal by refugees during the 1959 Tibetan Uprising. The quality and craftsmanship invested in each rug creates pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms.

Hand Tufted Rugs

Our hand tufted rugs are made in India. A tufted rug is made when wool yarn is shot into a stretched canvas to create the design and then secured with a latex backing. It is a bit like painting with yarn. Different techniques can be applied to create varied textures and pile heights within the design.

Bespoke Rugs

Some spaces require something truly unique. If you don't find the exact colour, design, shape or size that you are looking for, then our Bespoke Service is for you. The Bespoke Rugs service allows you to adapt an existing design or to create something entirely new and one of a kind. Creating your own rug opens up endless possibilities. These can vary from altering the shape and size of an existing design, changing the scale of a motif, weaving an existing pattern in a different quality or colour. We can make your rug for a specific space, even a stair or to accommodate a bay window. We would suggest that in the case of a Bespoke Rug that a sample is woven to check the colours and design. We would provide a 50x50cm sample to help you be sure before weaving the full rug.There are many different techniques and effects that can be specified. We can weave different pile heights, finer knots to create more intricate patterns, or coarser more shaggy textures. Niki is always happy to discuss and advise you with your choice. It takes approximately four months from the time your order is placed to produce your Bespoke rug.