Our Embroidered Cushion Collection

06 Jun
Our Embroidered Cushion Collection image

Niki Jones has become synonymous with embroidery, in particular embroidered cushions .

These ancient techniques of creating pattern and adornment have become an endless source of inspiration. Often associated with feminine and floral motifs, Niki has brought embroidery into the contemporary realm with her signature style.

Her work explores the contrasting qualities and textures of different fibres, creating striking and timeless pieces. 

Hand crewel embroidery is an important feature in her hand embroidered cushion collection. This wonderful, swirling embroidery was introduced to Kashmir, North India, by the Persians and has become a celebrated handicraft of this region. Usually seen in its traditional form of flora and fauna, Niki has re-interpreted this technique with her unique sense of colour and bold, distinctive patterns. 

Working by hand, and using a crewel hook, our artisans work together, stitching the wool in intricate chain stitch, transforming the cotton or linen base cloth into a vibrant textural pattern.

The greatest attention is taken to the detail of each embroidered cushion cover, from the direction of the embroidery to the selection of the base cloth and concealed zip to the detailing of trims and the reverse of each piece.

Each hand embroidered cushion cover is like a work of art, created by skilled crafts people who have honed their skills over generations.

Our ‘Abstract ’ collection takes its inspiration from mid-century artist such as Josef Albers and Sol LeWitt. As their names suggest the Albers and LeWitt hand embroidered cushion covers pay homage to the graphic qualities of their namesakes. Our Escher cushions take inspiration from both traditional tile motifs as well as the graphic art of M.C Escher and compliment the Albers and LeWitt range. Embroidered in the traditional crewelwork technique, the embroidery follows the direction of the geometric shapes, exaggerating their shape and form.

The lattice embroidered cushion cover range explores this principle but has a softer motif with its roots in ancient Moroccan tiles. They are available in our classic palette of teal, Chartreuse and Pewter and are framed with delicate pompoms on two sides.

Our hope is that through our modernisation of this traditional craft, we will bring new interest and in turn protect this skill for future generations.

Another part of our collection explores the reflective quality of sateen embroidery on matt linen or cotton base cloths. Graphic and geometric motifs are densely embroidered onto natural fabrics creating striking optical effects as the embroidery reflects the light.

Our best selling Concentric  embroidered cushion covers are framed with precious hand made pompoms, adding the finishing touch.

The new range of Geocentric cushions  play with the sheen of the mercerised embroidery thread, contrasting with the natural un-dyed linen base cloth. They are a great addition to the collection and co-ordinate beautifully with the Concentric cushions.

When designing, Niki, always considers the product. So each cushion is designed as an individual piece, not merely cut arbiter-ally from running meterage. This consideration is what makes our embroidered cushion covers so special.