Quality Rugs Online: Made to Order

22 Jun
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Our Service

Looking for quality rugs online? At Niki Jones we offer a comprehensive service on our UK based website. This online service is also available to all international customers. 

At Niki Jones, we pride ourselves on our Made to Order  rug service, choose from a broad range of designs and customise both size and colour to suit your tastes and space. From round to rectangular, patterned to plain, we have the right rug for you.

How it Works: Rugs Online UK

Browse the full range of rugs online and customise with our unique interactive ‘Rug Builder’. Not only can you view limitless colour combinations, you can save them to your account and compare at a later date. Enter your custom size (or choose from our standard sizes) and the price will be automatically calculated for you by our metre square pricing system.

Combine this with our 28-colour pom-pom box  so that you can make your colour selection with actual colour samples in front of you. Additionally, this service allows you to colour match with other elements of your interior scheme.

Upon placing your order, we will send you a final confirmation of your design and artwork before your rug goes into production. The process takes 120 days from ordering – we promise you the wait will be worth it. The lead-time reflects the care and quality taken in our made to order service, which is evident in the years; your rug will take pride of place in your home.

What to choose

Most rooms require a rug; the addition of a rug transforms a room and can help unify your room scheme. The texture, colour and pattern add personality and warmth to a room. Don’t be afraid of colour or pattern! With rugs you can be bold, use a rug to make a statement and consider it art for your floor. It’s important to choose a rug based on quality and craftsmanship. Niki has been creating rugs for 20 years and has extensive knowledge of this industry.  She brings this wealth of experience to create beautiful and timeless pieces.

Hand-tufted or hand-knotted?

Buying a rug on-line can sometimes be challenging. As previously mentioned, we have invested in our ‘Rug Builder’ tool as well as offering a pompom colour system service to help in your selection process.

In addition to this it is important to understand that there are a multitude of ways a rug can be made.

With in our made to order service we offer two manufacturing techniques, hand-knotted or hand-tufted, depending on the design and effect required.

We use the same lustrous New Zealand wool for both techniques.

So, what’s the difference?

Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are made by a hand-operated tool, which ‘tufts’ loops of yarn into a stretched canvas. This process is repeated to follow the design of the rug. 

The tufted pile is secured using latex on the back and the face of the rug is then sheered. This technique can be varied, depending on the design and required effect, by using varying yarn thicknesses and qualities or tufting contrasting loop and cut pile techniques. This technique can be more time efficient, which is reflected in its price point.

Knotted rugs

This technique follows the traditional process of Nepalese rug making and requires highly skilled craftsmen. The number of knots per square inch determines the quality and cost; for example, a higher density of knots means a more detailed design can be achieved. The end product is a unique, high quality rug, which will last a lifetime.  We have two knot qualities in our collection, 60-knot and 100 knot. The 60-knot gives a lovely thick pile and luxurious feel but for more intricate motifs we would recommend the 100-knot quality.


One of our customers in London recently purchased a Krakow Rug  -doesn’t it look great in her living room? Here’s what she had to say:

“I've just unpacked the rug and I absolutely love it. It's amazing how it changes the room - it was worth the wait!”

If you have any questions about our online rug service please get in touch  with a member of our dedicated team.