Rugs: The best way to clean and care for your rug

03 Aug
Rugs: The best way to clean and care for your rug image

Once you’ve invested in a new rug you want to keep it looking its best. At Niki Jones, we have a wide variety of rugs available to customise in both size and colour. We offer a unique Made to order service on our UK based website, which is also available to our international customers. We thought we’d share our tips on the best way to clean rugs  and keep them looking their best.

Unpacking your new rug

When your new rug arrives, we recommend checking the outer packaging for any signs of damage before signing the courier’s paperwork. If any damage such as cuts and tears have occurred during transit, it’s crucial to mark this information at the time.

You may also find that the outer packaging has picked up some dirt during transit – be careful when placing the rug on your floor. Carefully open up the outer packaging by cutting the end of the package or carefully opening up the cellotape. This will allow you to remove the rug and keep the packaging intact should you need to move your rug again. Never cut through the packaging as this could easily damage your rug.

Once it’s unrolled and laid flat, vacuum your rug. Since it has been rolled up for a while you may need to let it breathe and relax before it looks its best. This should remedy itself within a few weeks with gravity and vacuuming.

General Care

All rugs will last longer and retain value through the years if they’re properly cared for. Improper use can lead to excessive shedding, fading and wear. These are not signs that a rug is defective, but an indication that the rug has not been treated with care. With the proper cleaning products and some time and care, you can keep your rugs looking as good as new!

Direct sunlight can fade colours over time. We recommend rotating your rug a few times a year to delay this. Rotation also allows your rug to receive even wear through foot traffic. Some people also rotate rugs between rooms (for example between your living room and bedroom) to give them equal exposure throughout the year.

Underlay / Rug Pads

We recommend placing a rug pad underneath your rug. In addition to preventing slippage, rug pads  help prevent wear and tear. All rug pads work with all types of rug construction (tufted, knotted, flatweave) however it’s important to choose an underlay based on the type of flooring the rug will be placed on.


All of our rugs are made with the highest quality wool. Shedding is a natural characteristic of this natural and resilient fibre, especially with initial use of your rug. This will settle over time, however this can be further affected by animals, extensive foot traffic (for example in a busy living room) or abrasive cleaning. Vacuuming correctly will help with the shedding process.


We recommend using your vacuum normally as well as the nozzle attachment, to lightly vacuum your rug. Always avoid using the brush attachment as they can break up the yarns and reduce the life of your rug. We also recommend vacuuming the reverse of your rug about once a month to remove dust, dirt and bacteria. Regular vacuuming also prevents the presence of pests such as moths and carpet beetles. 


Accidents and spillages do happen! Blot and remove any stains immediately to avoid deep penetration into the yarns. Avoid scrubbing as this can cause pilling and matting.

Professional Cleaning

We recommend using a professional rug cleaner every three to five years. Always use a certified cleaner, they will know the best methods to clean your rug. Before they take the rug or you drop it off, inspect your rug and make notes of any issues. Alert the cleaner to any spots and be sure to get a signed receipt and guarantee of work. 

We hope you enjoy your new purchase for years to come, we believe that a rug is an investment. Wool rugs are warm, beautiful, soft, durable and resilient, but they still need regular attention and care! View our full range of rugs  or  ask a member of our dedicated team for more information.