The Story Behind our classic ‘Lattice Cushion Cover.’

26 Feb
The Story Behind our classic ‘Lattice Cushion Cover.’ image

Our Lattice Cushion  is one of our most recognisable pieces. It was introduced to our collection in 2011 and has become one of our best selling cushions. Its modern two-tone colour combinations makes it appear contemporary and on trend, yet its classical motif and pompom details give a softness that also works for more traditional interiors.

This piece is made using an ancient embroidery technique called ‘crewel-work.’ This technique was introduced to Kashmir in the north of India by the Persians and has since become a signature craft of this region. Most commonly found in flora or fauna motifs, adorning traditional Indian shawls, we have re-interpreted this ancient technique. Niki’s ability to think laterally and her eye for colour and pattern, allowed for her to create something really fresh and new. Each cushion is hand embroidered  in wool with precision and  attention to detail. The swirling embroidery technique enhances the shapes within Niki’s designs and follows the contours of her patterns. She works closely with the craftspeople in Kashmir bringing this wonderful textile to a new audience. 

These classic designer cushions epitomise this process and perfectly demonstrate Niki’s approach to design. They are available in three stunning colours: Chartreuse & Ecru, Teal & Ecru, and Pewter & Ecru. The colour-ways are interchangeable and work well in combination with one another. Each cushion is framed with a pewter grey row of embroidery and grey pompoms down the sides. This adds to their distinctive look and unique appeal.

When buying a hand embroidered cushion from Niki Jones, you are not merely buying a cushion, you are buying a piece of art that has its own story.

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