Velvet Linen Cushions – The Velvet Trend

26 Feb
Velvet Linen Cushions – The Velvet Trend image

This fabric conjures up old world charm and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The pile and texture of this sumptuous textile is a great vehicle for colour, creating deep, saturated colours with a soft and subtle quality.

We offer our Velvet Linen cushions in four beautiful and on-trend colours. Dusky oyster grey, soft, slate grey, rich, classic navy and bright, vibrant chartreuse.

The colours and texture of the velvet cushion fronts is contrasted against a natural un-dyed linen reverse. The quality of each fabric enhances one another and emphasises the contrast.

Each velvet cushion cover can be co-ordinated with its matching throw or bedspread. We work with a distinctive palette of colours which allows customers to style our collection in an endless number of combinations. Our Velvet Linen Collection  is designed to off set our more ornate products and works as a good foundation to the collection.

Velvet has a glamorous, yet modern feel and can be used equally well in a contemporary or traditional interior.

Velvet bedspreads and throws can soften up bed room schemes and can add a sense of textural luxury to a bedroom. Velvet upholstery and cushions in the living room can add a touch of glamour. 

See attached some examples of velvet being used as an ‘on trend’ interior fabric.

The quality and versatility of this luxurious material ensures that this is a trend with real longevity.

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