Why Bespoke Rugs Are Best For Your Homeware Collection?

23 Sep
Why Bespoke Rugs Are Best For Your Homeware Collection? image

Handmade rugs are one of those elements that can make or break a room. That´s why finding the right bespoke rug provider has gone to the top of the to-do lists for interior designers in the UK. However, online stores like that of Niki Jones provide a great variety of designs and bespoke services for private clients that are looking for exclusiveness.

There are many reasons rugs should carpet a room. Using them properly, they could say “This furniture belongs together”. Rugs are functional, providing comfort, cosiness and warmth over a tile, concrete or wood floor. But they also offer artistic value to a room's design. They are considered as an art explosion for the floor, which acts as the frame of your decoration.

Not surprisingly, there are many types of rugs from different parts of the world decorating famous locations, or even renaissance paintings. This shows the importance of rugs in the western world. Rugs are a piece of art that brings elegance, comfort, luxury or fun, matching your personality and making your home a reflection of who you are and how do you like people to perceive you.

While talking about rugs, we must say size does matter, and it's generally a big concern for customers unsure on how to create that well-balanced space. In the Scottish designer Niki Jones´ words: "always buy a generous sized rug and place furniture on top, this really pulls together the elements of a room and creates a sense of space."

This might have been a problem in years past. Designers and homeowners were limited to buying what they saw on stores and catalogues. Having an exclusive custom made rug was a thing that cost a lot of money and would take months to manufacture. Fortunately, nowadays size and shape are not a big concern for bespoke rug makers.

How many times have you been in a store and fell in love with a rug at a glance, but as you get closer, you realize the size doesn’t fit the space you have back home?

Bespoke rug design

What if somebody told you that you can get your perfect rug after a few clicks? We are now able to choose a size, shape and pattern we want. Now, combining the colours of our preference to get our colour scheme started, allows us to create something entirely new that fits the furniture we already have.

Some bespoke rug initiatives in the UK have made a reputation of creating unique and inspirational bespoke rugs. That’s the case of Niki Jones, who combines different cultural references within her designs with a love of traditional techniques, natural materials and magnificent colours to create a distinctive collection of textiles that you can integrate to your house’s atmosphere.

One of the most popular patterns for rugs and cushions since last year is the Harlequin design. It has been a great choice ever since it was introduced. If you are looking to make a statement in any room, this stylish pattern will definitely make your furniture stand out.

At Niki Jone’s website, anyone can get that desired pattern they are looking for, and in the shape and size they are looking for. Featuring eclectic prints and weaves, warping your space from the conventional and boring to the contemporary and edgy, it would be certainly a beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom

The best part? Not necessarily having to go to a store. Stores like Niki Jones offer a bespoke rug service for customers in the UK. They provide a wide range of textures, colours and sizes, along with high quality textiles, giving the customers a chance to acquire the perfect handmade designer rug that they crave. There is no excuse for not applying the basic principles of interior design when it comes to rugs.