Why choose a Hand Knotted Rug?

01 Dec
Why choose a Hand Knotted Rug? image

This is the story of your rug...

Your rug will form the foundations of your space, setting the tone for layers of colour, pattern and soft furnishings. We discuss your rug design with you to understand your requirements. You can select an existing pattern and perhaps just change the size or colour. Or, if a space needs a particular shape, perhaps a bay window or a stair, we can work with you to create a designer rug , a unique piece with your own specific size, motif and palette.

Next, we check the scale of the design to maintain the design integrity of the pattern. As designs scale up or down, small adjustments may be required to maintain the overall effect of the design. The experience of the weaver allows them to make the subtle adjustments during the weaving to maintain the integrity of the each pattern. This knowledge comes from years of experience.

The technique we use is the Tibetan knot method brought to Nepal generations ago. Each line of the weft is knotted over a metal rod by hand and is then combed down using traditional tools to close up the structure. The number of knots per square inch determines the detail of the rug design. Our collection uses 60 knot and 100 knot qualities but much finer or coarser structures can also be created.  Once complete your rug is carefully wrapped, packed and shipped from Nepal to the UK to be delivered to you.

Like any piece of art- the design choice of your rug is very personal and is an expression of your style and the shapes, colours and patterns that you feel an affinity towards.  

It is an investment piece that will be cherished for years to come, a modern day heirloom that improves with age.