Apotheke Incense Cones


Incense Cones made in Japan by Apotheke Fragrance. Each cone is made one-by-one by hand. Available in three scents, Oakmoss and Amber, Tobacco Cedar, and Fig.

Oakmoss and Amber: a base of woody musk from a blend of oakmoss, amber, and tonka beans, with undernotes of sage and lavandin.

Tobacco Cedar: oriental and woody notes made from a mix of tobacco leaf, cedar-wood and sandalwood, with subtle hints of citrus and spice.

Fig: fruity green scent from a blend of citrus fruits, fig, herbs, and flowers. 

Black Oud: is an oriental woody scent with exotic tone. Agarwood, Cinnamon, guaiac Wood, Black Pepper and Vetiver.

Apotheke Fragrance is a hand-crafted fragrance brand based in Japan. All of their products are blended, produced, and shipped by crafters at their workshop in Chiba. They make fragrances for everyday lives. What began with a single product lineup of  candles, Apotheke Fragrance now provide a considered collection of fragrance items, including room sprays, incense, and more.

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