Charlotte Spencer Candle


Floral fragrances to soothe and uplift. English country garden favourites, Eastern spa scents and musky woods. Choose fruity fragrances from Pomology, floral scents from Botany and therapeutic throws from Apothecary. Made from natural wax and all housed in apothecary-style vessels.

5.5oz candle - 50 hours burn time.

Charlotte hand-pours these beautiful natural wax candles using the finest ingredients and most evocative aromas in her Cotswold workshop. 

Black Fig & VertiverA rich, earthy and cosy scent, a good aroma for the masculine nose.

Lavender & Sandalwood: Soft, gentle lavender teams up with warm sandalwood to give you this beautifully soothing scent.

Plum & Pomegranate: Juicy plum and pomegranate compliment each other well with their sweetness offset on a warm, musky base.

Birch & Bergamont: A beautiful fragrance that sits well with both the masculine and feminine nose. A refined citrus note from bergamot with warm woods underfoot. One of the gentlest of this stable of scents.

Oak & Ebony: Deep woody hues and a hint of tobacco for the masculine nose.

Lime & Mandarin: Subtle but sharp Sicilian lime and fresh mandarin held together with Mediterranean herbs for a gorgeous scent.

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