Buli Handcrafted Natural Oblong Bike Basket


The BULI bicycle basket by The Basket Room can be attached to the front of your bike or to the rear as a chic pannier. It is hand woven by a weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana and is roomy enough to store books and stationery, a picnic blanket and lunch, or your gym gear. It can also be secured to stairway bannisters and bathroom towel rails as an alternative storage basket.

Each bike basket is unique - taking up to three days to weave by hand - and is made from an indigenous crop known colloquially as ‘elephant grass’. This indigenous grass is hand-rolled and dyed in boiling water before being woven by skilled basket weavers

The Basket Room is a Fairtrade brand, working with small craft collectives in Africa.

The majority of weavers in the Northern Ghana cooperative are arable and livestock farmers. Basket weaving - a skill passed along the generations in many families – has become a source of alternative income for these communities during the dry seasons, helping families to meet their basic living costs. 

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