Sustainable Linen

Our luxurious Velvet Linen Collection is made from one of nature’s original eco-fabrics, Linen. Combined with plush, super soft Cotton Velvet these products bring a touch of comfort to your home, as well as being kind to the environment.

Linen it is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in history and has been used for centuries; Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen bandages. The earth friendly flax plant, from which linen is made, is also extremely versatile. Every part of the flat plant has traditionally been used e.g. linseed oil, flax seeds etc. to create a worthwhile product – nothing is wasted, and production is cost effective.

Flax is resilient and can grow in poor soil, fertilisers or pesticides are not widely used, therefore does not pollute rivers or groundwater. It also uses far less water than other crops, only rainwater. The flax plant produces strong fibres and linen is extremely durable, lasting longer that other materials and can be used for many years, only getting better with age. And it’s naturally moth bacteria resistant.

We only use 100% Linen fabric in our products as we believe in making products that are as sustainable as possible and are also ethically produced by skilled crafts people. Read more about our social responsibility.

The reverse side of our Velvet Linen products is 100% Cotton Velvet. This velvet fabric is woven using a high count (yarn weight measurement), which makes is nice and dense yet silky soft. Our quilted throws and bedspreads are filled with 100% cotton, hand quilted with a stab stitch & hand finished with a knife-edge seam. All natural materials of the highest quality that create a beautiful handle & weight to the product. Our product development process is intrinsic to our brand, and Niki contemplates every detail, nothing is rushed or overlooked.

Our best-selling Velvet Linen Collection has grown and is now available in 7 sumptuous colours in 4 products. The Throw (140x220cm) is suitable for a single bed or at the foot of a double bed, Bedspread (230x260cm) is suitable for a queen, king and super king sized bed and our Cushion Covers come in a Square (50x50cm) or Rectangular (40x60cm) shape. Classic pieces that feel traditional yet contemporary at the same time with an ecological conscience. Sustainable luxury.