Customise Your Rug

If you are looking for a specific size and/or colour combination of rug then  our Customised Rug Service is the perfect service for you. We can accommodate your requirements and hand make your rug to order.

The handmade nature of our rugs allows for this customised made to order service, as each piece is individually crafted by hand. No two pieces are ever exactly the same, each piece tells its own story of the makers hand.

In addition to our standard size and colour rug collection, we offer all designs in custom sizes and 35 distinctive colours from our palette, this is our ‘Customised Rug Service’. This custom service allows you to tailor the dimensions and colours of your rug to your project and room scheme. 

Our colour palette is available to purchase as a wool pompom sample set. This facilitates in the process of choosing the correct colours or discussing options with a client. This set is fully refundable when returned to us. In addition, we have a ‘Customise Your Rug‘ tool on our website that allows a visual representation to facilitate you in making your colour selection. These CAD's can be downloaded and are useful tool for discussing options with clients and adding to mood boards etc. We can also supply 50x50cm rug samples, depending on design/quality, please contact us for details.

Once a choice of design, colour and dimensions is made, we will then supply a final artwork for you to sign off. We re-work the artwork to constrain the proportions of the design and the overall balance of the piece.

We can offer a colour matching service out-with our standard colour palette for an additional fee of £150.

Lead-time for a customised rug from the date of order confirmation is 120 days. Please allow additional time for shipping. As our rugs are made entirely by hand, please note that sizes may differ slightly to those specified. There is an acceptable tolerance of approx. 5cm either way, please consider this when measuring for your rug.


Customised rugs are priced by the square metre, and prices are also determined by yarn quality e.g. Wool or Wool/Silk combination, weaving technique, knot count for hand knotted qualities and design style e.g. loop and pile, hand carved. Please contact us to discuss your customised rug and we will supply further details on pricing and design. Due to their truly specific make-up customised rugs are non-returnable.

Niki also offers a ‘Bespoke Service’ allowing you to commission something unique and entirely bespoke in her signature style.

GoodWeave Certified

Our rugs are all produced under the GoodWeave scheme which is an organisation that monitors our weavers and ensures no child or bonded labour is used in their production. They also ensure good working practices & provide quality education for children in these weaving communities.

Photo credit: Antoine Lorgnier/Vanessa Faivre

Image on the left : Courtesy of 'Made in Style in Mallorca' by Christine von Auersburg. Interior designed by Rialto Living.
Image on the right: Courtesy of H K Architects for Watergate House, London.