Made in Nepal - Hand Carving Technique

Rug hand carving is a skilful finishing technique defining pile height that takes many years to perfect. Niki designed some pieces in our hand knotted rug collection to showcase this craft from our Nepalese and Indian artisans.

Our beautiful hand knotted Linear rug, shown here, is made in Nepal where all our hand knotted rugs are produced. The yarn is carefully dyed by hand in small batches in Katmandu, and then taken to villages where our crafts people weave our hand knotted rugs. Learn more about this traditional hand knot weaving craft.

Once the rug has been woven, it is laid flat and the varying pile heights are defined by hand carving the outline of the rug motif. This technique helps to create definition in the piece and gives an added dimension to the design. The rugs are trimmed for stray yarn ends, washed and laid out in the sun to dry before a final brush, trim and quality check. Hand carved designs also feature in our hand tufted rugs that are made in India.


All our rugs are produced under the GoodWeave scheme, which is an organisation that monitors our weavers and ensures no child, or bonded labour is used in their production. They also ensure good working practices & provide quality education for children in these weaving communities.

Even with all Niki’s years & experience in this industry, she is still in awe by the skill of our makers. The handmade nature of our rugs means that no two pieces are ever exactly the same; each piece tells its own story of the makers hand.