Meet Niki

'Niki Jones' embraces the best of skilled craft and provenance is at the heart of what we do. Our unique collection of hand crafted homewares helps support our community of small independent makers and craftspeople. 

Founder and creative director Niki Jones draws inspiration from her discoveries whilst travelling the globe. This inspiration blended with her traditional Scottish roots and love of craft and textiles, has led her to create a unique collection of textiles and rugs. Niki reinterprets ancient skills with her unique colour sensibility and love of natural materials.

Following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, with a Masters in Industrial Design, Niki joined the design team at Habitat. She gained an extensive knowledge during her six years as a Textile Designer and Style Co-coordinator, mentored by industry leaders Tom Dixon & Georgina Godley. In 2004 Niki moved to Wedgwood as Design Director. This was to take her to new markets, such as Japan and China, continuing to build on her experience in design, product development and manufacturing.

Coming full circle, Niki returned to Glasgow, Scotland, launching her collection in 2009. Her designs quickly grew into an exciting and recognisable brand, which can be seen in some of the most prestigious stores around the world. In addition to her collection, Niki provides a customised service for her rug collection and exclusive projects for large-scale retailers, interior designers and private clients.

Niki designs all products in Glasgow, and works closely with small artisan suppliers visiting them frequently. Everything is originated in our studio and manufactured by suppliers whom we have worked closely with for many years. She seeks out the best in heritage and artisanship: whether it is hand crewel embroidery for Kashmir in Northern India, or hand knotted rugs from Nepal. Supporting traditional crafts to ensure their survival for future generations and manufacturing them in their authentic form and place of origin.

When you purchase from us you are not only purchasing something beautiful, it is responsibly sourced and produced, and we only use natural materials. Our highly skilled craftspeople make our textiles with such care and attention to detail; these collaborations produce genuinely beautiful and ethical products. Our studio is committed to original design and the highest standards of quality and integrity. 

These values lead us to be a proud partner of ‘GoodWeave’. Our handcrafted rugs are GoodWeave certified, which means that our rugs are ethically made and we’re helping make a positive impact within rug making communities.

Niki Jones is soon to open her first 'bricks and mortar' shop in Glasgow's Westend. The shop will show case Niki's signature textile and rug collection, along with a carefully curated range of hand crafted products that have craft and sustainability at their roots. We look forward to inviting you to this space in the not too distant future.