C.Atherley Geranium No.1 Room Spray


C.Atherley began in the Gloucestershire greenhouse of founder Catherine Kidston Padgham MBE with her collection of scented geraniums and a chance meeting with old friends and founders of skincare company Heathcote and Ivory. What happened next was the conception of C.Atherley - a brand specialising in natural body care made only from distinctive geranium fragrances. The name Atherley once belonged to Catherine's maternal grandmother and chosen to celebrate the women in her family with a strong history of gardening.  C.Atherley captures the magic of the geraniums in Cath's greenhouse.

The first geranium chosen from the greenhouse was the Radens variety, with its rare clarifying and uplifting fragrance. Plants were then cultivated ready for development before recreated by a Somerset-based master perfumer. He carefully hand blended a complex mix of 100% pure essential oils to create the Geranium No.1 fragrance.

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