Antique Scissors Iron Large


Cast iron scissors by Strömshaga, in a beautifully classic, old-fashioned design. For adult users only, as they are very sharp.

Strömshaga is a Swedish homeware designer. They were founded in 1973 by Kerstin and Karl-Johan Björkman. They originally sold their designs out of an old house in Alingsås, Sweden. Over the years they moved from location to location, until finally deciding to sell their shop and move the business online. With the help of their children, they now sell their unique, Scandinavian designs through their online shop, specialising in household utensils, glass and porcelain. They are driven by the vision to bring individuality and timelessness to every home.


Available in a small or large design, depending on preferred use.


W 10 x H 21.5 cm

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