Verde Scented Candle - White


An enchanting blend of soft florals accompanied by invigorating fresh green leaves. This exquisite fragrance effortlessly brings the outdoors into the comfort of your home.

Top Notes: Green Leaf, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: 
Violet, Muguet
Base Notes: 
Cedar, Patchouli


This unique hand poured soy wax candle uses quality fragrances and essential oils for a clean burn. Its wide cotton wick creates a broad flame, generating a great scent throw and an even pool of wax, avoiding wasteful tunnelling. Candle bases are designed to be repurposed after use — they make great toothbrush holders, plant pots, pen holders…

Sustainable brand, Union of London, aim to create candles that transform your mood, renew your energy and calm your space.

Large - burn time +35 hours. Medium - burn time +25 hours. 

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