Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland Foundation is an award-winning, renowned contemporary Scottish sculpture garden. It was set up 14 years ago by Nicky Wilson and her husband Robert at Bonnington House, their family home near Edinburgh.


Nicky saw potential in the house’s large garden and how it could be more than something  traditional. Having studied at art college, Nicky’s passion for form and structure prompted her to contact landscape architect, Charles Jencks, whose sculpture ‘Landform’ greets visitors as they enter the grounds of the Scottish National Gallery. ‘Cells of Life’ became Jupiter Artland’s first commission: an artistic construction of eight spiralling grassy mounds and four interconnecting lakes, straddling the driveway to Bonnington House.

Set over 100 acres of meadow, woodland and gallery spaces, the park doesn’t have the restrictions of traditional galleries; there is room to breathe and feel the wind in your face.

Jupiter Artland is home to over 30 permanent and unique site-specific sculptures from artists such as Phyllida Barlow, Christian Boltanski and Antony Gormley. Concurrently, they host a seasonal programme of carefully curated exhibitions and events from a wealth of artists, both emerging and established.

At the front of the house you will find ‘Gateway’, a spectacular piece by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos.  Beautifully hand-painted tiles create the swirling lines and and unique patterns that form the work. Not only is Gateway a colourful feast for the eyes but also a fully functional swimming pool which visitors can book private or public bathing sessions.

 Engaging children with art is central to Jupiter Artland’s vision. They offer an extensive learning and outreach programme which nurtures the creativity of Scotland’s young people in Scotland. At Jupiter Artland, you will also find an on-site cafe, playfully painted by Swiss artist, Nicolas Party, and a gift shop to add to the visitor experience.

I have visited many times over the years and each time I discover something new. With the changing seasons and weather each visit is a unique experience and I always leave feeling rejuvenated by the experience. 

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