Hampson Woods

Hampson Woods was founded in 2010 by Jonty Hampson. From their woodland-surrounded studio in Cumbria, Hampson Woods produce simple yet elegant pieces for everyday use. Jonty channels his love for timber and the handmade through his unique and timeless handmade kitchenware designs. Provenance and sustainability are central to Hampson Wood's ethos. To this day, no wood enters the workshop unless Jonty knows where it once stood. Hampson Woods carefully source their timber from a selected merchant who they have chosen to work with on account of their traditional and ethical approach to felling. They also source from arborists in and around London who specialise in clearing the fallen trees from the city. There is an abundance of waste created by fallen timber lying around the country each year; Jonty challenges and confronts this waste by turning the wood into something beautiful. 


The boards at Hampson Woods are made in small-batch production; the process of making is skilled and considered. As each bit of wood enters the workshop, it is assessed for blemishes and scanned for interesting figures and curves in the grain. The wood is then marked out to minimise waste; boards, spoons, salad servers and the likes will be made from each piece of wood. Once marked out, the wood is cut, and holes are cut into the head of each board. They are then shaped and sanded. Once smooth, the boards are ready to be oiled, and, finally, coated with a protective balm.

Freshly oiled boards

It is clear to see the care and attention that has gone into each of the products at Hampson Woods. A fresh cut of timber yields a new pattern never seen before; as it is worked, and oiled, new shades and subtle variations in colour will appear. As it ages, its texture and character will change. No two pieces from Hampson Woods are ever the same.

Jonty Quality Controlling

We are delighted to stock their beautiful products in our shop and support their sustainable approach to making. Shop our selection of boards and porridge spoons from Hampson Woods.

Board Trio