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Bergs Potter was first established by Victor Berg in his home city of Copenhagen in 1942, during a bleak period of World War II. Victor had a strong desire to bring colour and vibrancy back into to the lives of his fellow Copenhageners. 

Pots and Flowers

Designed in Denmark and made in Italy, Bergs Potter's pots are a contemporary twist on the traditional and timeless. They are heirloom pieces made with craftsmanship and quality of material that with the right treatment and handling, can be passed on from generation to generation. Some of the company's most notable collections were influenced by ancient and traditional European pottery discovered through the research and travels of Victor's children, Steffen and Christine.

Pots in the workshop

The Copenhagen Pot is one of their most popular designs. It has royal heritage and is one of the first pots designed by Bergs Potter. This design was is inspired by pottery made at the Royal Danish Palace of Fredensborg in 1860. The Helena Pot pays homage to northern Italian potter, Roberto Russo, who was influenced by the decorative borders of ancient Greek clay designs. The charming and chic Simona Pot derives its aesthetics from the old Latin Quarter of Montmatre, France, again a design inspired by Steffen's travels. It can easily be imagined in the classic French homes and gardens of the 19th century.  

Italian potter

It was a trip to Tuscany, Italy, that lead Bergs Potter to discover the skilled clay craftsmen that would make, and continue to make, their pots for years to come. Quality, family, and tradition are at the heart of the company. To this day, each pot is made by hand in a small workshop run by a family of passionate artisans. 

Pot trimming and pots stacked

Bergs Potter use only the finest Italian Galestro clay when crafting their pots. The bodies of the pots are hand turned on a pottery wheel, and their rims are trimmed by hand. They are finished in either raw terracotta or glaze. The raw pots are fired at extremely high temperatures, using slow-burning firing. This gives each pot a unique exterior and natural durability. The Galestro clay used to make the pots holds water helping plants to retain their moisture. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  

pots in a box

Over the past eighty years, in conjunction with their craft makers in Tuscany, Bergs Potter has continued to grow and develop, designing and crafting a carefully curated collections of beautiful, durable terracotta pots. Their collection of pots will continue to live on for generations to come, as modern day heirlooms.

Copenhagen Pot

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