Scotland's Home of the Year, 2021

 "This homeowner really understands texture. There is a common palette of colours, textures and tones, used in different proportions to create very different atmospheres and functions."

Anna Campbell-Jones

My home recently featured in Season 3 episode 9 of Scotland's Home of the Year.

You can still catch it on BBC iplayer.

I was interested in taking part in the show as I thought it could be a good platform to reach more of a Scottish audience with my textiles and rug collection. I had also completely refurbished my home and thought it made a good story and transformation for the show.

The format of the show means that you are never in your home with the judges and you are not given the opportunity to quantify any of your reasoning or decisions. It means that they are coming into your home with out any knowledge of you or the extent of work you have done. It is an interesting, if a little strange process.

My home is obviously a very personal space, so it is firstly odd to let a bunch of strangers have a free rein to film and judge it in your absence. However, I am fairly sure of my own aesthetic and as I had really stripped this house back to literally its bare bones and chosen every little detail myself, I really wasn't that worried about other people's opinions. I absolutely love this house, it feels like a true reflection of my approach to interiors and I think overall the judges got that.

All the people whose homes were featured in this seasons shows were really lovely and we all communicated through a WhatsApp group whilst the show was airing. There were some fabulous properties, locations and views. It really represents a cross section of Scottish homes and shows that there is a real appetite for unique and interesting architecture and interiors in Scotland.