La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie is a non-profit glassblowing organisation run by its founders, Sébastien and Valentina Nobile. The husband-and-wife duo established the association in 2007 after realising the tradition of glass-blowing was a dying art in their home city of Paris. La Soufflerie aims to preserve this ancestral art by giving all of its proceeds back to glass-blowers throughout the region. 

La Soufflerie Glass Blowing

Working from their studio-workshop in Paris, Sébastien and Valentina design and create timeless pieces suitable for everyday use. Finding inspiration from classical sculpture and glassware, their collection expands a unique selection of both functional and decorative objects. 

La Soufflerie Glass Blowing

The pieces are mouth-blown by expert craftspeople. It is important to the couple that each piece is made using only the centuries old technique, with no machines in sight. Every object is unique, varying slightly when blown. All of the products at La Soufflerie are made from 100% recycled glass. The company promotes sustainability throughout every aspect of their process, including their packaging. 

La Soufflerie mouth blown glass

Yesterday's newspapers are given to Sébastien by the local cafe owner, and by some neighbours too, which are then used to protect and pack the orders for shipping. La Soufflerie is proud of its creators and collaborators; there is a real sense of community support and engagement. Many of the pieces are named after family members, friends, clients, and co-workers.

Candle HoldersWhat began as a small project of four vases to sell at the local flower market, La Soufflerie has since gained great recognition for its support of traditional craft, community, and sustainability. 

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