Apotheke Fragrance - Organic Home Scents

Apotheke Fragrance was founded in 2011 by perfume enthusiast, Keita Sugasawa. Whilst travelling around the world, Sugasawa became inspired by the many perfumery shops he encountered. He had rarely seen places like these in his home country of Japan. Sugasawa felt so inspired that he decided to learn about the art of making fragrances from scratch and began working for a perfume company. A year later, he returned to Japan with his newly acquired skills and opened an atelier in his hometown of Chiba, in which he started his handmade, organic fragrance brand.

Packing in the Atelier

At Apotheke Fragrance, each scent is uniquely blended by skilled artisans using high quality, organic ingredients. The candles are made by melting the ingredients in a Noda Horo enamel kettle, The soy wax is combined with their fragrances in beakers. Slow-making and an emphasis on sourcing natural and organic materials is at the heart of this brand. They champion the beauty of the handmade. From production to packaging, the brand ensures that each step of the process is carried out by hand ensuring a high quality product.

Incense Sticks

Apotheke Fragrance pride themselves in providing their customers with unique fragrances for everyday life. The word "Apotheke" derives from the German word meaning "dispensary" or "pharmacy". The ingredients for fragrances often come from medicinal herbs, and so Sugasawa felt the name was an appropriate fit for his brand. The joy natural and organic scents bring to your home enhances your well being.

Travel Tin Candle

We offer a selection of Apotheke Fragrance across a variety of products such as candles, incense sticks, and room sprays. Apotheke Fragrance