Pottery West

We are pleased to offer a beautiful selection of pottery from Pottery West at Niki Jones. Based in the heart of Sheffield, Pottery West is the ceramics studio of husband and wife duo, Catherine and Matt West. What started as an interest in collecting functional ceramics and a passion to learn the craft, Pottery West has grown steadily since its founding in 2015, and now consists of a small team of four makers.

Matt at wheel

In the studio, Pottery West design and make their range of ceramic tableware by hand, using traditional wheel throwing techniques. The potters embrace the time, energy, and patience that comes with small batch production. Through each object, Catherine and Matt hope to translate a sense of space, a feeling of calm, and of time spent mindfully making. 

Wheel Throwing

Throwing a Pot

Simplicity in form and richness in colour and texture is key. Their collections are process driven, and by nature, this is reflected in the aesthetics of the finished pieces. All pieces are thrown at the wheel and trimmed by hand by Matt and Luna. They use minimal tools to create their forms. The pots are then fired by Catherine or Luna in electric or gas kilns, using oxidation and reduction firing techniques.  

Pots drying

Pottery West mix their glazes in-house, using a variety of oxides and raw materials. When working on glazes, they prioritise texture and exploration of material over the resulting colour. They are constantly exploring the potentiality of materials, and are currently testing the results of iron oxidisation through wood firings. 

Lidded Jars

Pottery West create objects that champion functional pottery for everyday use. Browse our selection of mugs, plates and bowls from Pottery West at Niki Jones.