Wool in the Home: Natural & Resilient

30 Nov
Wool in the Home: Natural & Resilient image

We are proud to use wool in our products. A 100% natural fibre, wool has been used as far back as the prehistoric period and is still appreciated to this day as being resilient, breathable, a natural insulator as well as extremely versatile and luxurious. Synthetic fibres are still no match, science is still to create a material which has as many benefits as wool.

harlequin cushions

Wool is renewable as every year sheep grow a new fleece, meaning the wool industry is sustainable.

Used in the home, wool is a natural insulator. 

Wool is naturally elastic and maintains its appearance - meaning it has a long lifespan. Each fibre can resist tearing and can be bent back on itself over 20,000 times without breaking! A sheep's fleece is bouncy and fluffy - this is transferred to your rug at home meaning it has great 'bounce back ability'.

blue woolen rug

The protective waxy coating on wool fibres makes wool products repels water making it resistant to staining.It's also naturally anti-static and picks up less dust than synthetic materials. Wool is also not known to cause allergies and does not promote the growth of bacteria. 

All of our Made to Order rugs are made from luxurious New Zealand wool, and each of our crewel cushions and rugs is hand embroidered using wool using a traditional technique, in Kashmir.

Handmade Wollen rugs from india

Find out more about the benefits of wool at Campaign for Wool